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Dressing for Summer | written by Rachel Benton

What makes the perfect look? What is the go- to outfit or style for the summer? 

Like anything in life, there are always two ways to go: you can have the simplistic elegance that falls in line with soft silhouettes and basic designs, which you can never go wrong with; or a classic look in linen or viscose fabric that will give you the light and airy feel you need for the heat- filled Capetonian summers.

To really embrace this summery look, stick to shades of nudes, white and beige. You can always move towards the darker tones, but remember that the darker the colour, the more you’ll feel the heat. 

If you’re an extrovert or a more daring type, step out in wild colours and bold prints. There’s no limit to what you can do with an adventurous colour scheme; anything is possible with a healthy dose of confidence. The biggest colours to look out for at the moment are the electric blues, bright pinks, emerald greens and pastel purples, which never fail to catch the eye of passers-by. 

And summer isn’t summer without the perfect print to set the tone. In every closet you need to have the right statement outfit or garment to demonstrate this principle. Know what prints work for you, but also don’t be afraid to try something new- you never know, you may surprise yourself! Above all, remember always to be true to yourself and let your unique vibrancy come through in everything you choose.

With fashion, it all comes down to the one who wears it. There is so much to play with, and so much you can do, but it pays to consider these four important factors:

1.Does it work with my figure,?

2.Does it suit my skin tone? 

3. Is it age appropriate?  

4. Will I be comfortable enough in it to have a good time? 

I’ve learned from experience that wearing these sexy outfits can be amazing, but all too often the comfort is short-lived, as you have to continually rearrange, pull down or somehow keep the garment up. This summer, focus on mastering the art of keeping your silhouette the perfect combination of sheer gorgeousness and long lasting comfort!

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