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“Deception”, By Lesley Pearse | Book Review by Lisa Miles Gomes

Deception | Lesley Pearse

This is Lesley Pearse’s 13th and latest book, which, in my opinion, is one of her best, rated highly by the Daily Mail, Daily Express and, of course, Beloved Women SA! It is a gripping and suspenseful read with many twists and intense moments.

One of the last moments in which you want to hear surprises regarding your mother is at her funeral. Yet Alice Kent is approached by a gentleman and given information that sends her world spiralling. Not only is her mother not who Alice thought she was, but she suddenly hears stories that send her world into further orbit. How is she going to unravel the truth without upsetting her loving, doting father and her slightly emotional, volatile sister?

Alice always found it odd that they didn’t know anything about their mother Sally’s past and, when trying to pry, Sally would skilfully redirect the conversation or give a morsel of information which further confused her daughters. However, after meeting with Angus Tweedy and listening to his staggering story about her mother, she vowed to uncover the whole truth. But why would Angus wait thirty years to share his story and the nature of his relationship with Sally? This made her even more determined to get to the bottom of the secrets kept by her family, whilst journeying into a strange, unknown and often very scary world only to find out that her mother may never have been who she made out to be. Who is Fleur? Who is Pet? Helen? Seraphina?

The character development in this book is as clear as if you can see the protagonists in a movie. The book plays off in 2 worlds simultaneously, that of Alice and that of her mother starting as a young girl. This keeps you turning the pages till late at night.

What I enjoyed most was that you are not able to predict the story and the highs and lows of Sally’s life. How is she able to reach the end of her life as a much loved spouse, and daughter of two fiercely independent daughters who accepted her idiosyncrasies and doted on their father, who was the most loving man they knew?

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a realistic story of life, getting lost in excitement, in the consequences of dubious decisions, suspense and an ending you can learn from. Do you know the story of your parents? The choices they made and how those impact on you today? When they say you should learn from your parents, it is very true. Both good and bad.

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