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When the marriage ship is sinking, save the children first | Anne-Bénédicte Damon MSc., Clinical Psychologist

Since the 1970s, more and more marriages end in divorce, although it seems this trend is changing amongst younger generations, who also get married later. A separation is always an upheaval for the family – it’s considered the second most traumatic event after the death of a spouse, but there are ways of making it less traumatic for the children.

Less alcohol, more sex! | Sari Cohen I Sexology

As South Africans we are notorious for our heavy alcohol consumption. In fact, we rate in the top 10 countries for Africa’s heaviest drinkers, and in trying and stressful times like these, it’s not unheard of to reach for the bottle to relax and unwind a bit. Have you ever thought about how alcohol affects …

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