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Hello Beautiful Woman!

As we enter the new year, I know you have already been targeted by two of your worst enemies. And you had to face them all by yourself. Alone in a room. Yes – I am talking about the mirror and the scale. I know you are also smiling because I am talking to YOU! The words: “If I had only” or “I shouldn’t have” or “one plate would have been fine” are words you are actually punishing yourself with. Words that no one else is directing at you.  It is only you against you.

But in the same breath, you are smiling when you think about the carefree summer holiday. Enjoying the festive season with friends and family, and enjoying the freedom of no guilt. The feeling of total relaxation and the thought that tomorrow is another day. We will enjoy today because it is a holiday. And you realise that you needed this to round off your year. You needed to finish off a few things and to leave other things behind in 2022. 

So, as you are standing with your hands on your thighs or extra bit of flesh around your midriff, I want you to take a step back and look at yourself again. But this time with gentler eyes. With a bit more compassion for who you are and how far you have come. A lifetime of stories, feelings, experiences and testimonies and a body that can testify to each one of those. Not a number on a scale.  A beautiful YOU!

I need you to start being a bit gentler with your thoughts of who you are and where you are going to. We all stare at the social media pages and wish for a life that was not intended for us for now. We are constantly wishing for someone else’s life for ourselves while God has such an amazing plan for ours. But we hardly give Him the chance to show us the incredible road He wants us to journey on while our external dilemmas are keeping us away from what He wants us to see. 

So here are my January Restart, Refresh and Renew tips for you!

  1.  Start a Dream board, Vision Board or a Dream Journal where you put down everything you want for this year. Long term, short term, realistic and unrealistic. It can be anything from a pair of shoes to skiing on the icy slopes of Switzerland. Just start dreaming again.  Do not focus on the ‘how’ at this point. Just start dreaming away!
  • Start with a plan. A daily, weekly or monthly plan, or, if you are super organised – not like me – a whole year plan. Just start filling the plan with events you know are happening on specific dates.  Everything will look easier once you have a a plan in front of you.
  • Now start with a short list of what you are going to do today. Just today. Keep it concise and very specific, for example:  I am drinking 2 litres of water today. I am phoning an old friend at 17:00. I am not getting on the scale today. Things that are doable, reachable and manageable. 

Let’s do that for 21 days and add in small changes every few days. Let’s start talking about the New You. The focused You and the Ready for anything in 2023 YOU!! 

I am excited to journey with you as I take you through some exciting new tips on Fashion, Beauty, Health and all things Lifestyle for 2023.

I am Anri Powell and I think YOU are beautiful!!

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