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Editors Note | Feb 2023 | written by Philippa van Coller

February is generally known as the “love month”.

If this is your birthday month, like mine, then your birth stone will be the amethyst – the purple variety of quartz that has captivated mankind for millennia. Its lilac to deep purple hues can be cut into many shapes and sizes, and it can be manufactured in a lab as well as mined.

As the member of the quartz family characterised by its distinctive purple colour, amethyst has a hardness of seven on the mohs scale, Amethyst gems are durable, and this makes them ideal for all kinds of jewellery. Due to its hardness and durability, the stone can be cut into a variety of shapes, making it all the more versatile.

No, I’m not giving you a lesson in gemology, but when I read this I did think of you, and also of this month.

The colour purple is associated with a variety of meanings, including wisdom, creativity, royalty, power, ambition, and luxury. It can also represent magic, extravagance, peace, pride, independence, and wealth. Because purple is so strongly associated with royalty, people often perceive it as being a very regal colour. These associations with royalty, as well as with wealth, stem from the fact that purple dye used in ancient times was very rare and extremely expensive.

Now for those of you who know me, you know exactly where I am headed with this information. My aim is to encourage you and make you see your worth. I know I am speaking to a minority of readers in referring to February being your birthday month, however, we are all in and going through this month… so this is for everyone.

Let me start with the fact that you are a precious gemstone, and because of the hardships life has taken you through, it has made you durable, and capable of fitting in all kinds of places. Don’t compare yourself with other “stones” and think they are prettier or more valuable than you, because at the end of the day, pressure can break them, heat can burn them, but you have overcome the hardships, and are now formed into something worth seeing.

Purple = royalty! How much more precious can you get than being royal? I am sure while you are reading this, you can see some of these characteristics in you? Maybe you are creative, you have a lot of wisdom, great ambition, you’re a peacekeeper, you like your independence… My advice to you is to use what you have in this beautiful month of February to showcase the priceless GEM inside of you.

Enjoy this edition of Beloved Magazine. I think the magazine is getting better and better and I am so excited to see where we are headed. Remember, this is your magazine and we would love to hear from you so send your comments, advice and even critique to us: we would love to hear from you.

Love to you all,


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