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BEAUTY TIP 101 | Karlé Potgieter | Say goodbye to dry and flaky skin

I know it sounds impossible, but did you know that you can go through winter – as well as summer- with fresh and glowing skin? Your face doesn’t have to look dull and pasty because of the dry and crackly winter months. Today you will read about the winter make-up tips that have helped me a lot in the past, and  that will free you from ghostly skin during the freezing South African winter months. 

 Here are  my top 5 tips to say goodbye to dry and flaky skin.

1. Exfoliate

People often think that they should not use exfoliator when their skin is dry, but on the contrary, choosing gentle exfoliators will aid in preparing your skin for the best absorption. It may be that your skin does not absorb the ingredients of your skin care products because flakes and dead surface skin cells are blocking penetration. Exfoliating your face is one of the best ways to eliminate flaking skin. I recommend exfoliating your face not more than two times a week.

2. Double moisturizer

You are probably wondering why you should apply moisturizer twice? Well, the first application is when you do your skincare routine as normal. The second application is before you start applying your make-up. Wait for a few minutes till the moisturizer absorbs in the skin and locks the hydration in before you apply the rest of your make-up.

3. Liquid Foundation

Powdery products are a big “no” for me during winter. Why? They leave your skin with a cracked, cakey finish. My advice is to rather use liquid foundation during the winter months, or you can even replace your foundation with a BB cream if you like a light dewy look, or CC cream if you prefer more coverage. 

4. Cream Blusher

I know that not everyone is a big fan of it, but during winter it is crucial to apply blusher.  Rosy cheeks will ensure that you don’t look washed out. Our clothing scheme during winter tends towards more earthy tones, so adding a little blusher to your face will change the washed-out look to a bright and cheery look! Go for creamy textured blushers instead of powdery blushers.

5. Scrub Lips

We all know the struggle of dry lips in winter.  To avoid cracked lips, scrub your lips twice  a week with an exfoliator.  Always carry a moisturizing lip balm with you and apply it regularly during the day. When choosing lipstick, make sure the ingredients contain moisturizing components. Your lips can never be over moisturized.

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