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Author name: Jacqueline Dyer

If you were there: Missing people and the marks they leave behind by | Jacqueline Dyer By Francisco Garcia. Harper Collins, 2021. | Book Review

When he was eight years old, Francisco Garcia’s Spanish father disappeared from his life. His English mother had died of breast cancer the previous year, and the young Francisco was brought up by an aunt and a grandmother. At 27, the English-speaking Londoner with the Spanish name is a journalist and writer. He decides it is time to re-engage with the story of his absent father, and to follow his traces. This book is his journey, but alongside the search for his father, this is an exploration of what it means to be missing, and especially, what it means to those left behind.

murder mystery

Murder Mystery – Crossing Lines

A woman is found murdered on the perimeter of RAF Northolt, West London. The problem is that her home is in one police district and her workplace in another, which prompts the Detective Superintendant in charge of both districts to assign two Senior Investigating Officers. Little does she – or they- know that what seems to be a simple murder will drag them all into a far-reaching investigation that will expose her officers to mortal danger.

For DI Rebecca Sadler, recently transferred from the Manchester Serious Crimes division, this is a chance to prove herself and reach for promotion. She is helped by her previous connection to Justin, an officer in the Metropolitan Police Drug Squad that brings with it complications that she would rather avoid. For DI Joanna Redmond, her connection to RAF Northolt will prove to be one of the threads that helps to unravel an international drug empire being run on her doorstep. How will Rebecca, the street- smart northerner from a deprived background, handle working with the suave, middle- class Joanna, daughter of an RAF Air Commodore?

As the two women negotiate territory and try to crack the case, their lives begin to overlap, and a bond forms, especially around Rebecca’s four-year old son, Ryan. Both women have past failures to overcome- Rebecca a history of impetuousness and recklessness in both work and relationships that has at times endangered her life; Joanna the recent loss of a long -time partner that has left her with guilt, regret and a loss of self-confidence.

This is a roller -coaster of a ride through the world of organised crime that will unroll over many months. Hang onto your seats and prepare for take-off!