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Editors Note | March 2023 | written by Philippa van Coller

Can you believe that another month has come and gone? Hallo ladies, I just know you are as excited as I am to start reading this magnificent edition 

Before I write what I have in my heart to share with you, I need to brag about a couple of new additions to our magazine. Please do yourself a quick favour and scroll down to the lifestyle section- yes you’ve seen correctly, 4 lifestyle articles and soon you will have make-up tips, clothing tips and so much more.

Now quickly scroll down to the food section! We have another foodie that has joined the team, and now it’s cakes, desserts, and we even have a readers’ recipe section. This is your chance to share Ouma Maxie’s chicken recipe or even Oupa George’s “beskuit”! More about this in the reader recipe article! Next month we’ll be starting a restaurant review as well, so for those of you in WC, specifically the Cape Town area, you might want to read us before trusting Google or Trip Advisor!

Now let me share this with you: I have two vets that I have a little bit of a crush on, sorry, I mean that my doggies have a little bit of a crush on. One is our own vet, Dr. Frieder Schwabe from Uitzicht Animal Clinic, and the other one is Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, or as you might know him, the Super Vet.

Like most overseas people, Dr. Fitzpatrick had a huge desire to come to South Africa and really see and engage with our wildlife. I mean, who can blame him!  He shared a story on his timeline the other day, and I ended up watching this story in absolute tears, and right there I hear that still small voice speaking to me. Please allow me to share it with you.

On Noel’s last day in South Africa, he reflected on a very hard time that he had gone through just before he came to visit. Without giving any details, it was clear that he was quite depressed. He was wiping his eyes while talking to his followers. His words were along the lines of, you can be so caught up in the reality of your everyday surroundings that you very quickly forget the majesty and splendour of things around you. It was a lifelong dream of his to get up close and personal with a lion, and not only did he get to do that, but he could be that lion’s saviour.

There was so much I took out of that conversation, but this is what I would like to leave you with.  For years and years, you might have worked on the smaller things (small animals), you get skilled, and even at some stage, become the teacher of your skill. At this time, you know there is more, there must be more… What is the more you want from life?

You think your more is unreachable, untouchable and you certainly don’t deserve it, but then again in a dark corner, in the toughest time, you start seeing the big picture. The most beautiful pictures are created in a dark room.

Start looking around you. You might not see what you want to see, but that doesn’t mean what is around you isn’t beautiful! All of us have travelled in our lives, and sometimes you look outside the window and gaze on the beauty of the landscape around you! That is not your final destination, but it’s actually there to encourage you to move on because the end is so much more beautiful than the beginning.

This month I urge you to take time and look around you, enjoy the beauty and if it is not beautiful, then make it beautiful.

Enjoy this edition of Beloved Magazine. I think the magazine is getting better and better and I am so excited to see where we are headed. Remember, this is your magazine and we would love to hear from you so send your comments, advice and even critique to us: we would love to hear from you.

You are loved


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