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Spring Cleaning | written by Philippa van Coller

Happy July to you all,

With midwinter now behind us, we are starting to look forward to spring, which means spring cleaning!  Yes, the magazine, now on its 10th issue, will be getting a bit of a revamp over the coming months. We have more writers joining our immensely talented team, and we are planning a major expansion of the reviews section from next month to broaden the scope of our interests to include cultural events, films, places to visit and more books – non-fiction as well as fiction.

We’re kicking off this month with a longer than usual review of a non-fiction book on a topic that will touch many people’s hearts and lives: “mispers” or, missing people. Then, our psychologist explores the thorny area of talking to children about divorce; our doctor flags up the medical side of abnormal nails; we learn how to make the most of loadshedding with our sexologist; we have another scintillating report from New York, this time from a prison graduation; the lifestyle team engage you on a range of topics to improve your self-image and general wellness. As always, our gardening expert gives you the tools to give your garden a winter makeover, and we have plenty of inspiration from other quarters as well to help you reflect and put joy into your month. Our foodies are staying in Africa, but this time to the north, with Moroccan recipes to inspire and make your mouth water.  All in all, this is a bumper package to help everyone get through winter and look forward to spring.

Behind the scenes, the Beloved Magazine team have also been exploring ways of tapping into the stories of people in our local community. It has long been our dream to be in a position where we can pool our resources and help those most in need. With the aid of the Boss Babes network, August will see the start of a new series of articles focusing on the power of the local community to bring about change in people’s lives.

Enjoy the July issue, don’t forget to check out our website for news and upcoming events.

All the best,

The Beloved Magazine Editorial Team

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