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Feature Articles at Beloved

In our Featuring Articles Section, we open the door to the extraordinary narratives that define the human experience. Here, real stories take centre stage, weaving a tapestry of resilience, humour, triumph, and inspiration. Our collection of features brings you first person accounts that resonate with authenticity, celebrating the diverse and remarkable journeys of individuals who have navigated life’s twists and turns.

Five hours at Sing Sing prison | Letters from New York | Katherine Meeks

I rise at 6am to catch an early train from Grand Central Station. My goal is Sing Sing Prison, one of America’s most famous prisons, and yes, it looks just like it does in all those prison movies –old and gritty. It’s about an hour north of New York City by train, the tracks follow the edge of the Hudson River.  Locally, “going up the river” was another expression for being sent to prison to do hard time. Sing Sing is a maximum-security prison. 

The green eyed monster | Inspirational | Colleen Stock

Jealousy, often termed the green eyed monster, befalls even the most humble person. Leering over the proverbial “fence” of Facebook, Instagram, and other social media posts peddling idylllic bliss, and seeing gorgeous pictures of faraway places and perfectly groomed happy smiling faces, we get trapped.  Delicious gourmet meals, and amazing achievements we could only dream of having stare back at us through a green haze.

Spring Cleaning | written by Philippa van Coller

With midwinter now behind us, we are starting to look forward to spring, which means spring cleaning! Yes, the magazine, now on its 10th issue, will be getting a bit of a revamp over the coming months. We have more writers joining our immensely talented team, and we are planning a major expansion of the reviews section from next month to broaden the scope of our interests to include cultural events, films, places to visit and more books – non-fiction as well as fiction.