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Don’t miss the moment | Inspirational | Anel Conradie

I am spoiled today with a break away to the Drakensberg.  No time really to plan, so my head is in overdrive.  However, all’s well that ends well. 

The first morning, I am privileged to wake up to a remarkable view of the Drakensberg. The high peaks close to the Tugela Falls.  I get up. Lots to do, lots to see.  Hurry, hurry, hurry always on my way somewhere.  Then It hit me like a ton of bricks.  Where was I rushing to? What could possibly be driving me in such a tranquil environment?   My kids are taken care of. It is dad’s weekend (as the judge ordered and we comply).  Mom gets to go away.  Mom is in this beautiful, miracle-view part of South Africa.  But what does Mom do? She plans, thinks, charges to the next thing to do – almost running into myself because of all the madness.   I stop. I pause.  I walk to the lodge and get myself a cup of hot, steaming, filter coffee.  I take a seat on a wooden bench from where no man-made item is visible.

I breathe. I become aware of my surroundings. I sip my coffee. Taste it. Feel the steam as I breathe it in. I smell the scents around me.  The muscles, tendons and ligaments from head-to-neck-to-shoulders start to relax. I can literally feel how I have to focus to relax my body. And only then do I realise how much I have been subconsciously worrying and feeling under pressure.  All of a sudden I see the grass is not just a green floor covering, but a vast array of different plants and leaves.  There are numerous flowers around my feet but I haven’t noticed even one! Only when I intentionally decide to become aware of my surroundings do I see the plants, the flowers, even the insects around my feet that I have been oblivious to.  Totally unaware of this amazing galaxy around me that I am sitting in without realizing it. It is only a little while later that I become aware of the noise of water rushing over the spring in the mountain; crystal clear water.  I only heard it when I listened for it.   A wow moment, indeed!

I understand that it often happens with people around us, too. Do we just race from one goal to another? From one problem to the next? I understand how often I am willing just to survive and not live life to the fullest.  We are always busy with replaying yesterday in our head or planning and organizing for the days to come, aren’t we?

Ladies, do not miss the moment.  Do not miss the perfume, the taste on your tongue and the feels. Look to see the emotion in your colleagues’ eyes.  The joy in my madly-in-love teenager’s eyes.  Hear the cry for help behind “I am all right, thanks” we so often get when we ask “How are you?” without really being interested in the answer.

Today was an eye-opener for me. And a valuable lesson.  Do not be so busy rushing to the next stop that you miss the whole journey.

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