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Don’t Look Back | Anel Conradie

CS Lewis said: “If you give a primary position to secondary stuff in your life, then pretty soon you will enjoy neither”.

At the kick-off of 2023 I really needed to be reminded of this fact. We sometimes get so lost in trying to keep all the balls in the air that we forget to think. We forget to be present in the now-moment. We are so focused on making a living that we forget to make a life.

I often catch myself pondering on yesterday. Reliving moments and spending (wasting) precious time on things that will not matter in five years.

I have to consciously tell myself to remember Lot’s wife. What happened to her? She looked back. She took one last look at everything that (she thought) was near and dear to her. Her whole life. Her existence. Then? She turned into a pillar of salt. In plain, common language, she got stuck. She got stuck there for ever and ever! Dear mom, wife, friend, daughter. Do not get stuck! You have come so far now. Do not let what is behind you prevent you from reaching for what is ahead of you.

My plans for 2023 will include:

Worship! Yes, worship the maker of all, but also embracing an attitude of worship.  To worship is to acknowledge and give credit to the Person or the thing that you adore. Acknowledge the reason for your joy.  Try and identify what brings you joy and the reason to get up in the morning. Acknowledge it and give it the necessary recognition and attention it deserves. Get back to the source of what makes you authentically “you”.

Reflection! And by reflection I certainly do not mean getting “stuck” and nursing, cursing and rehearsing your bad experiences; or having a pity party every day about the same things. Reflect. Focus. Be conscious of the collateral beauty and damage of every experience. Chew the food a few times more. Taste the coffee a bit longer. Hug your baby or parent and “live” that moment. The people in our 2021 Christmas pictures were not all with us in 2022.  We all wish we had marinated and savoured those moments a bit more.

Simplicity!  “K.i.s.s” Keep it simple, stupid!  Don’t make the less important stuff the most important. De-clutter and keep the good parts. Don’t have too much noise in the form of “stuff” around you to distract you from what life is actually about. When I doubt myself, I ask “will it matter in five years’ time?” The answer should guide you on what is important to spend time on.

Keep moving! Of course, I know it is easier said than done.  I have also been tempted to stay in bed in the “foetus-position” all day. But, darling, do not stop! Keep moving. Even if you have to claw yourself forward.

Remember Lot’s wife! You have overcome so much; do not let the next thing cause you to get stuck.

2023! You’ve got this.

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