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Resilience | Simone Simon

Resilience ..turn your focus; “And the things of the earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace….” (Helen H. Hemmal, “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”, hymn).

Questions: ‘Where is your focus lying at the moment?’ ‘What are you doing every day to change your mindset?’ and ‘Are you still working towards the goals you have set for yourself for 2023?’

I have heard this word a couple of times since the start of 2023. The word is RESILIENCE! Resilience is having the mental, emotional and behavioural flexibility, and ability, to adjust to both internal and external demands. It is also having the ability to withstand adversity and to bounce right back and grow in spite of life’s challenges. There will always be challenges in our everyday life It’s how we face them that matters most.

Resilience is a skill set which you have to work on constantly, and over time it grows. It’s developing self-confidence and a determination that you will pull through, no matter what, and you will reach that goal, no matter what.  It’s a strength that comes from deep within.

When it comes to weight loss and exercise, having the resilience to reach your goal is of the utmost importance. Looking at the bigger picture, it will not just be for that, but for all the issues and challenges you might face, at work or in your private home life. 

You may feel stressed, burned out or emotionally drained at times, but cultivating resilience makes you conquer life’s challenges. It makes you tie your training shoe laces to go for that walk or run, or go to the gym or a studio. It makes you say no to unhealthy and bad habits, so you can reach the goals you have set out for yourself. It’s persevering and pushing through against all odds. It’s believing that anything is possible.

3 amazing benefits of resilience are:

1. Lower rates of depression

2. Longevity

3. A greater satisfaction for life!

In order to look after your wellbeing, you should:

1. Be kind to yourself

2. Find time to rest and clear your mind-meditate upon the Word.

3. Look after your physical health

4. Spend time in nature

5. Develop new interests

Through developing resilience, you grow into a better and greater version of yourself.

If you turn your eyes upon Jesus and  look full in His wonderful face every day, you will have all the tools you need to build a great weapon of resilience.

Yours in fitness.

Simone Simon – Owner of Life Long Body

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