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“Like” Button | Anri Powell

Dear Woman – You are so much more worthy than a LIKE button.

I don’t know if you are social media savvy or not, but as a person who is extremely  busy juggling the balls of being wife, mom, business woman, friend, sister, etc., I am so bad at getting to social media that I  literally scroll the last few minutes of my day to see if I’ve missed something noteworthy in someone’s else’s day – normally a birthday or a special event, and by liking or giving a heart or short comment, I at least feel that I have done my part to support that person. But have I?

So many women seek their validation in the number of likes on our social media posts, and by not getting that, or looking for that one person that needed to like it and didn’t, we feel unworthy, unseen and unloved.

But why are we feeling like this? Why do we fall so easily into this trap of unworthiness? Do we not understand that the enemy is working so hard to bring us down?

What if we can create a world of women cheering each other on without seeking the outcome of a returned favour? What if we can keep on fixing each other’s crowns, and let a person step into the special place God has for them in that season in their lives? Imagine the world we can create if we keep cheering each other on instead of listening and nurturing that little green-eyed monster by not supporting or celebrating each other!

Dear woman: you have been made fearfully and wonderfully by our Dad. He wants you to know that you are beautiful and that you have what it takes. He loves you, likes you and smiles over you. Instead of looking for that number of likes, or that specific person to comment or post on your wins, let’s seek the multitude of love and likes God gives us every day in a sunset, a sunrise, a smile from your kids, a phone call from a loved one, a hello from a stranger. Let’s stop seeking validation in a world of brokenness. Let’s start being the light, the hope and the love for each other. If this means liking the post, commenting on the wins and sharing each other’s successes, let’s do that. It takes nothing away from you. Cheer on Sister. Your season will come.

Much love

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