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Fountains | Inspirational | Anel Conradie

I have always had this magical fascination with fountains. The way they just spring from nowhere as such a profound source of life. Where there is a fountain there is life. Seas, rivers, springs all come from a fountain.

What better lifesaver than stumbling upon a spring in the desert? Psalm 1 gives us this image: “he will be like a tree planted by the rivers of water”. The spring signifies that you have arrived at the promised land. You are now safe. You are now cared for. You are now through your current desert. You can bathe and bask in the streams of cool water to end your dry season. All true.

For Elijah, what did his fountain bring him? Elijah told the king that there would be no rain unless he, himself, asked God for it. And, on Elijah’s word, it was so. Dry land! Not even dew. Dry land, dry bones, dry hearts. Elijah fled from his enemies and stopped at a brook where he settled. He even asked God to let him die. God cared for Elijah through the fountain there. Enough water to find comfort in. To be like Psalm 1 – for now. 

How did God activate and mobilize Elijah to move? The fountain dried up. The source of comfort ‘for sucha time as this’ started to dry up. That was Elijah’s cue to move. To get up and move to the next miracle that God had prepared for him Elijah had to  pack up and go, not knowing where God was taking him now. The fountain of provision was dry for him, and he had to leave.

I was staying in a lodge in the Drakensberg over the weekend with a magnificent view of the mountains. All seasons and weather conditions passing like a movie in front of my eyes. In my personal life, currently, I am also at a fork in the road. I have many decisions to make. My brook has maybe dried up. I keep asking God for guidance and open doors. I keep asking Him why it does not (easily) make sense to me. Why is my fear clouding my discernment?

I relax and stare into the mountains. I become aware of what I see. How the rain comes, the sun chases the rain away and the mist chases away the sun. Ongoing. Over and over again. Then I see it. I have been looking at this picture in front of me for many, many hours. A clear fountain. A waterfall that springs out of nowhere and tumbles down the mountain. I can see it from a few kilometres away. Very clear. God, you have made the waterfall. Strong, flowing, crystal clear water. Visible to the naked eye from far, far away. Out of nowhere!

God, through His Holy Spirit, stirs my soul to ask: can I not make a waterfall spring out of nowhere for you? Did the prophet, Isaiah not tell the people the same thing? Can I     not make a river in the desert?

This morning, you, Lord, have revealed yourself to me again. Personal God. Where I am in need of a new source and a new fountain. You show me to trust you. But not only trust you – you show me how you make streams appear out of absolutely nowhere!

As this waterfall appeared out of nowhere, Lord, you reveal many things to me. You are working under thesurface while I am totally unaware and consumed in my self-absorbed reality. But you are working and making ways for the fountain to spring up. The fountain will spring up at the right time and the waterfall will start to flow when it is Your time.

I choose to believe it today. And find comfort in my personal God. My fountain-maker.

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