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Editors Note | April 2023 | written by Philippa van Coller

The other day I wanted to colour in my eyebrows, and the pencil was so blunt that the wood of the pencil was scratching against my brow. In a case like that there are two solutions to the problem, you throw the pencil away because you don’t have a sharpener, or you sharpen it.

Isn’t it amazing how little things like this can teach us such valuable lessons? The worth of that pencil is on the inside and with just a little sharpening, it’s like new. Have you ever heard the saying “broken crayons still colour”? That means, in spite of everything a person is going through, everything they’ve done in life, they still have a purpose and value.

Personally, I have gone through quite a rough time lately, and the one place I really felt it was in my thoughts. When someone abuses you verbally or physically, when you’ve been robbed of something, someone dies, someone leaves you or you get sick etc., that chips at the lead of your pencil, or it breaks your crayon, and very quickly you need to make a choice, do you go and lie at the bottom of the pencil case or fall down to the bottom of the crayon tin, or do you see your worth and start sharpening yourself?

This magazine is here to help with that! While proof-reading some of these articles, I was moved with compassion knowing that I am not alone. Some of these writers are broken crayons, they were blunt pencils who chose to not let that get them down. My prayer is that you do the same, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again.

Choose you, because that’s the one you’ve been created to be.

You are loved

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