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BAO DOWN Restaurant Review – | Nikita Stock

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Bao Down, a charming restaurant nestled in the heart of Green Point, Cape Town. From the moment I stepped inside, I was captivated by the restaurant’s inviting ambiance. The interior was adorned in a soothing light salmon pink, tastefully complemented by an array of plants and subtle touches of Asian culture. The atmosphere set the stage for what turned out to be a memorable culinary experience.

The star of the show at Bao Down is undoubtedly their delectable bao, which comes in a variety of flavours. I decided to sample a few different options to truly immerse myself in the culinary journey. First up was the Korean fried chicken bao, which showcased a perfect harmony of crispy chicken, vibrant flavors, and a delightful kick of spice. The combination was nothing short of heavenly, with each bite delivering a burst of tantalising flavors.

Next, I indulged in the pork belly bao, and I was delighted to find that it exceeded my expectations. The succulent pork belly melted in my mouth, the effect enhanced by a medley of complementary ingredients creating a symphony of flavors. The soft, fluffy bao bun served as the ideal vessel, elevating the overall experience.

For my main course, I opted for the seared tuna and soba noodle dish. The tuna was expertly seared, leaving it beautifully tender on the inside while providing a delightful crunch on the outside. The soba noodles, perfectly cooked and seasoned, added a satisfying element to the dish. It was a refreshing departure from the bao, yet equally impressive in its execution.

To accompany my meal, I ordered a side of egg fried rice, which was a simple yet flavourful addition. The rice was perfectly cooked and infused with delicate aromas, making it a delightful complement to the other dishes.

When it came time for dessert, I couldn’t resist trying the lemon miso tart and the fried bao with ice cream. The miso tart was undeniably sweet, bordering on the intense. It was a bit overpowering for my taste, and I would recommend sharing it with someone else to balance out the sweetness. On the other hand, the fried bao with ice cream was a match made in heaven. The warm, crispy bao paired beautifully with the cool, creamy ice cream, creating a delightful contrast of textures and flavours.

Overall, my experience at Bao Down was an absolute delight. The restaurant’s charming ambiance, attentive service, and flavourful offerings made it a memorable dining destination. The bao dishes were the true standout, each one a testament to the chef’s skill and creativity.. If you find yourself in Green Point, Cape Town, I highly recommend paying a visit to Bao Down for an unforgettable fusion culinary experience.

Bao Down Restaurant, First floor, Exhibition building, 79 Main Road, Green Point, Cape Town.

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